2.6: Regression and Calculating Distance

If you want Zumi to drive forward, you can give two commands: duration (time) and speed. But what if you know the distance to your target? How many seconds would you need to drive, and at what speed, to reach that target? In this lesson, you will collect data from your Zumi and see how you can use basic machine learning to predict the time needed to travel for a specified distance.
zumi_intermediate zumi_intermediate
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This lesson uses:

Zumi with Python

  • AI
  • artificial intelligence
  • calculating
  • data
  • distance
  • equation
  • intermediate
  • machine learning
  • plot
  • programming
  • Python
  • regression
  • Zumi

Grade level:

6 - 12+

Approx. time required:

60 - 75 mins
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